Checks In The Mail For Border Lodge Depositors

There’s still not much known about why the state stepped in last week to involuntarily liquidate the small, home-based, one employee Border Lodge Credit Union in Derby Line. But there is a bit of good news for the credit union’s 1100 depositors.  The National Credit Union Association (NCUA), which is the government agency that handles [...]

State Giving Grants To Farm, Forest Businesses

Making a living from the land is something Vermonters value even if they’re not doing it themselves. But mill closings, globalization of the forest products industry and a decline in the number of dairy farms have raised concerns about keeping land productive. Last session lawmakers passed the Working Lands Enterprise Investment Bill intended to help [...]

The Canadians Are Coming!

Canadians are traveling to the U.S. in record numbers and as a border state, Vermont is one of the top beneficiaries – although perhaps not as much as you might think. It turns out that like Americans, Canadians like to flock to Florida for the sunshine or head to Las Vegas for what stays in [...]

Do Green Jobs Reduce Unemployment?

Vermont is at the top of the list in a new report on green jobs.  It comes from the Economic Policy Institute, a think tank that focuses on the economic factors affecting low and middle-income Americans. “Counting Up To Green: Assessing The Green Economy And Implications For Growth And Equity”  ranks Vermont first in the [...]

Community Broadband Project Comes To An End

We hear a lot about bringing broadband to Vermont’s most rural reaches, but then what? That’s the question a group of agencies and organizations led by the Vermont Council On Rural Development has been helping communities answer for the past two years in the e-Vermont Community Broadband Project. They were concerned that even with broadband [...]

Photos Of Minority Tourists Wanted…

As the state gears up to market to minorities, the search is on for photos of “racial or ethnic minority populations downhill or cross country skiing, snow boarding, snow shoeing, hiking, cycling, boating, camping, rock climbing, apple picking, gardening, etc.” As our story on this effort mentioned, tourism officials earlier came up empty handed in [...]

Citizen’s Bonds Sell Out Quickly

The sale of $26.8 million dollars in Citizen’s Bonds available only to Vermonters was supposed to last from Monday morning until Wednesday.  But the state treasurer’s office says the $1,000 bonds sold out by Monday afternoon. Citizen’s Bonds have been part of the state’s bond offerings since the 1990s.  They’re general obligation bonds used to [...]

Mum Is The Word on NEK Announcement

The suspense is building over an announcement Thursday about big economic development plans in the Northeast Kingdom. At the center of the buzz is Jay Peak president Bill Stenger who’s playing it close to the vest until it’s time to make the details known. It appears Stenger will highlight a number of projects and that [...]

3.4% Of Vermonters Are ‘Unbanked’

Deer Mountain across from my house in Braintree is covered with fading logging roads made years ago by a fellow named Ervil, who owned half the mountain and worked on it with his team of horses. At some point Ervil bought a truck and, as his nephew tells the story, he paid for it with [...]

Brock and Shumlin On The Economy

If you’re interested in hearing (and seeing) what the Republican and Democratic candidates had to say about the economy in last night’s VPR debate, here are some excerpts: Here challenger Randy Brock talks about tax burdens in Vermont And here’s Governor Peter Shumlin’s response about ‘telling Vermont’s economic story’ Also, in response to a listener [...]