All A Matter Of Timing

By Amy Kolb Noyes

The Town of Lincoln has scheduled a special town meeting to ratify the results from Town Meeting Day earlier this month. And the following day a special election will be held to follow up on a Town Meeting Day decision.

The special town meeting is necessary because Vermont law says the annual town report must be distributed to voters at least ten days prior to town meeting, which was not the case in Lincoln this year. The following notice has been posted on the town’s website:

“Because the Town Report did not arrive in residents’ hands until quite late, both the Town and the Lincoln School District have warned articles to ratify the results at a meeting on May 13 in Burnham Hall.”

Below is the article on which the town will be voting. There will also be a vote on a similar school district article.

“Shall the action taken at the meeting of the Town of Lincoln on March 4, 2013, at 6:00 pm, in spite of the fact that the auditors’ report did not arrive on time, and any act or action of the municipal officers or agents pursuant thereto, be readopted, ratified and confirmed. [17 V.S.A. 2662]“

The next day, May 14, Lincoln voters will go to the polls to elect two new select board members. On Town Meeting Day Lincoln voted to expand its select board from three to five members. Now the town is encouraging residents to step up and run for office. However, due to the timing issues from back in February, the town website states new board members will only serve for about ten months.

These two additional select board members will each serve for a term of one year. However, for the first two elected, their terms will expire on the date of our annual town meeting in March 2014, which means that they will serve for only about 10 months until they choose to either run for re-election or not.

Interested candidates must submit a petition with at least 11 signatures to the Town Clerk no later than Monday, April 8.