Committee Takes On Speeders In Jay

By Amy Kolb Noyes

Town meeting voters in Jay opted not to appropriate money to hire the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department to patrol for speeders in the village, along Route 242. But the Jay Select Board is still determined to address the speeding issue. The board has formed a Traffic Control Committee that it hopes will come up with a plan to be put to voters on Town Meeting Day 2014.

Ten volunteers have already indicated interest in sitting on the Traffic Control Committee. The new committee will hold an organizational meeting on March 27.

“Peggy Loux, Jay Select Board chair, has asked Dee Burroughs-Biron to start the ball rolling to get as many of the volunteers together as possible for a 1st meeting, select a chair and minute taker,” the town website states.

Several traffic control suggestions were raised from the floor of town meeting earlier this month. Those ideas included a speed bump, a four-way stop, a flashing light, and an additional “speed cart” that flashes lights when a driver is exceeding the speed limit. Voters also discussed sending the town constable to law enforcement academy so he will have authority to make traffic stops.

The committee is charged with looking into the pros and cons of these and other options, as well as the costs. The select board has also asked the committee to investigate which options the state of Vermont will allow on the state highway.

“No sense wasting time on ideas the state of Vermont will not allow,” the website states.