Flinty New Englanders Take Late-Season Storm In Stride


Shopkeepers in Montpelier took in their spring signage as a late-season winter storm blanketed the region with fluffy, light snow.

By Kirk Carapezza

A winter storm warming is now posted for much of New England. Several inches of snow had already accumulated on the ground by the time residents in Vermont rolled out of bed Tuesday.

The storm moved across New England in the early morning hours, blasting fluffy, light snow on roads and rooftops, with the highest accumulation – 14 to 18 inches – expected to fall along the spine of the Green Mountains in the center of the state.

Flinty New Englanders accustomed to early spring storms woke up, grabbed their shovels and began to dig out. In Montpelier, the day before spring officially begins, Rodney Dimick of Marshfield took it all in stride.

“I’d rather see spring, but it’s not the biggest storm we’ve seen so you get used to it,” Dimick said, his hands turning red as he heaved snow from the sidewalk.

On State Street, shopkeepers took in their colorful spring signage as forecasters predicted snow would continue to fall across northern New England throughout the day.

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