Northfield Looks to Jumpstart Commuter Bus Service

By Amy Kolb Noyes Town Meeting Day voters in Northfield will consider footing one-fifth of the cost to re-establish a commuter bus service to and from Montpelier. Article 10 on Northfield’s town meeting warning asks voters to authorize spending up to $21,000 “to fund 20 percent of the cost to re-establish the Northfield-Montpelier GMTA Commuter [...]

Shumlin Unveils Plan to Expand Dual Enrollment

By Kirk Carapezza Governor Peter Shumlin unveiled a plan Thursday that he says will reform the state’s education system by adjusting it to the learning style of individual students. A key part of the proposal is to expand a dual enrollment program – a system that would allow high school students to complete a full-year of [...]

UVM President Urges Legislature to Approve Financial Aid

By Kirk Carapezza The President of the University of Vermont was at the Statehouse Wednesday to request that the Legislature approve a proposed $1.2 million for financial aid and scholarships for in-state students at UVM. President Thomas Sullivan told the House Appropriations Committee that affordability and financial access is a top priority for the university. [...]

Berlin Water Bond Vote Today

By Amy Kolb Noyes Voters in Berlin headed to the polls Wednesday to vote on a $5.5 million bond to build a water system to service the Four Corners area. The town plans to repay the bond through water system user fees. Last summer Berlin inquired about purchasing water from nearby Montpelier and Barre. Montpelier [...]

A New Approach To Funding Social Programs

As Vermont debates spending on Reach Up and the earned income tax credit, a few states and municipalities are exploring a new approach to funding social programs. “Social impact bonds” are essentially partnerships between government, service providers and investors. Investors put money into social programs and if they achieve certain outcomes, the investors are repaid [...]

Senate Considers Amendments to End-of-Life Choices Bill

By Kirk Carapezza Lawmakers will debate Wednesday afternoon a series of amendments to a bill that would give terminally ill patients with six months or less to live the right to request lethal medication to end their lives. The debate comes a day after the full Senate voted 17-to-13 to advance the bill, reversing the [...]

Senate Moves Forward With End-of-Life Choices Bill

By Kirk Carapezza The Vermont Senate has taken a first step toward approving a bill that would give terminally ill patients with less than six months to live the right to request lethal medication to end their lives. Senators voted 17-to-13 on Tuesday against the Judiciary Committee’s recommendation that the bill be rejected. The Statehouse [...]

UPDATES: Senate Debates End-of-Life Choices Bill

The Vermont Senate opened debate on a bill Tuesday that would give terminally ill patients the right to request prescription drugs from their physicians to end their lives. The chamber is filled with supporters and opponents who are sitting in the balcony and packed into the corners of the Statehouse. If this bill is ultimately [...]

Warning Watch Part II: Town Meeting Day 2013

Town meeting is only three weeks away, and we’re watching the warnings to find important local issues in Vermont communities. We Tweet them first using #publicpost from Amy Kolb Noyes on Twitter. Tweet @AmyKolbNoyes to let us know about interesting items coming up at your town meeting. Here are some more of the warning items we’ve [...]

Tradition vs. Participation: Towns Struggle to Keep Town Meeting Relevant

When and how does your town hold town meeting? There was a time when the answer to that question was pretty much the same throughout Vermont. Town meeting was held the first Tuesday in March. It started mid-morning, after barn chores, and often ended with a potluck lunch. But that’s not always the case anymore. [...]