Some Upper Valley Residents Asked to Help Test Emergency Warning Systems

Two Upper Valley communities are testing several emergency notification systems this week.

On Wednesday, February 27, the town of Hartford is trying out a system called CodeRED. Emergency officials will make phone calls throughout the afternoon. The aim is to test the accuracy of the data base and to encourage people to spread the word to anyone who has not received a call, so that those land line or cell phone numbers can be added to the list that would be used in case of a community-wide disaster.

On Thursday, February 28, beginning at 3:00 p.m., Dartmouth College will send test messages by sirens and voice speakers. The Outdoor Mass Notification System, or OMNS, can be heard as far away as ten miles from campus. Also, a system called DartAlert will deliver an automated message to all Dartmouth-administered email accounts and landline phones, as well as to the personal phones of registered users. (Register for DartAlert here.)

- Charlotte Albright