Hartford to Get Tough on Guns This Town Meeting?


By Amy Kolb Noyes

Some of Vermont’ s Town Meetings will focus on national issues this year.

Town Meeting voters in Hartford are being asked to send a unified message to lawmakers regarding tougher gun laws. Hartford holds town meeting balloting throughout the day on Tuesday, March 5, in addition to holding an annual town meeting in April. At this year’s town meeting on Saturday, April 6 voters will decided on an number of spending items, then consider the following article:

“Shall the voters of the Town instruct their federal and state legislatures to:
Ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines.
Require a criminal background check for every gun sold in America.
Make gun trafficking a federal crime, with real penalties for “straw purchasers” (those who arm criminals).
Our efforts cannot bring back the 20 innocent children murdered in Newtown, CT — or the 33 people murdered with guns every day in America. But we can prevent future tragedies by passing common sense legislation.”

And climate change is also under consideration in some communities. Nearly two dozen Vermont towns will be considering a nonbinding resolution opposing tar sands oil pipelines in Vermont. That effort was coordinated by the Vermont chapter of 350.org. According to the organization, the tar sands resolution is on warnings in Burlington, Cabot, Calais ,Charlotte, Chittenden, Cornwall, Craftsbury, Fairfield, Fayston, Greensboro, Hinesburg, Marshfield, Middlebury, Middlesex, Montpelier, Moretown, Plainfield, Putney, Ripton, Waitsfield, Walden, Warren and Woodbury. In Grand Isle the resolution was passed by the Selectboard.

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