Report Says 76% Of Vt. Small Businesses Have No Employees

According to a new report from the Small Business Administration the vast majority of the state’s business are operated and staffed by a single owner. The largest concentration of these businesses is in the construction trades, followed by professional, scientific and technical services.

Most of the businesses have fewer than 20 employees, but a ‘small business’ can employ hundreds of people and some are certainly large by Vermont standards.

The 2012 Small Business Profiles For States And Territories says “Vermont’s 77,853 small businesses represent 96.3 percent of all employers” and “employ 59.7 percent of the private-sector labor force”.  By comparison there were 688 “large employers” – companies with 500+ employees-  in Vermont in 2010.

According to the report, the recession has had an effect on the number of small businesses in Vermont: In 2011 more small businesses closed than opened, “resulting in a negative change in net employment”.

Here’s the SBA’s Vermont Small Business Profile.