UVM President Urges Legislature to Approve Financial Aid

By Kirk Carapezza

The President of the University of Vermont was at the Statehouse Wednesday to request that the Legislature approve a proposed $1.2 million for financial aid and scholarships for in-state students at UVM.

President Thomas Sullivan told the House Appropriations Committee that affordability and financial access is a top priority for the university.

“If we were able to get that additional new request that would mean a tuition increase for Vermont students at the university of zero,” Sullivan said.

The average tuition costs for in-state students at UVM is $13,000; $33,000 for out-of-state students. At a time when federal funding to colleges across the country is threatened, Sullivan said UVM continues to work to remove financial barriers for all students.

In his budget address last month, Governor Peter Shumlin proposed an additional $2.5 million for UVM, the state colleges and the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation.

“We’ve got to work together with the college presidents, the chancellors to hold down costs. We’re doing that and we’re getting results,” Shumlin said on Monday.

The Shumlin administration’s proposal includes dual enrollment – a system that  would allow Vermont high school students to complete a full-year of college credits while they’re in secondary school.