Joint Senate Committee Takes End-Of-Life Testimony

By Kirk Carapezza Inside a packed House chamber at the Statehouse, a joint session of the Senate Health and Welfare and Judiciary committees heard emotional testimony from the public Tuesday night on end-of-life issues. The often passionate testimony came as the Senate committees debate this week whether to approve a bill that would permit people [...]

Norwich Tower Up for a Vote – Again

By Ross Sneyd Voters in Norwich will have a second chance to weigh in on a plan to build a controversial tower designed to improve public safety communications. In August, they turned down a bond issue to help fund the tower. It’s currently supposed to be built by VTel, which would also be able to [...]

Democrats Echo Republicans In Calling For Campaign Finance Reform

By Kirk Carapezza Democrats in Vermont today echoed their Republican counterparts in calling for campaign finance reform to increase transparency. The proposals follow a campaign season that saw hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in both primary and general elections. At a news conference at the Statehouse, Jake Perkinson, chairman of the Vermont Democratic Party, [...]

Report Pushes For Support For Vermont Manufacturing

A year after Governor Peter Shumlin called for a meeting of the minds on how to improve Vermont’s manufacturing base, the Agency Of Commerce And Community Development has issued its report. While it’s partly prescriptive – in the form of recommendations – it’s also descriptive in its effort to paint a clearer picture of manufacturing [...]

Legislature To Hear Testimony On End-Of-Life Issues

By Kirk Carapezza A Senate committee is set to take testimony on end-of-life issues at the Statehouse today. This morning at 11:30, the Senate Health and Welfare Committee will hear from Attorney General Bill Sorrell and former Gov. Madeleine Kunin. The committee will spend the week considering whether to approve a bill that would permit [...]

VT Mayors Coalition Seeks Funding to Cities for Supervised Housing

By Amy Kolb Noyes Less than two weeks ago, all eight of Vermont’s mayors announced they are joining forces to “advocate for issues of common interest.” The newly formed Vermont Mayors Coalition also released a legislative policy summary calling for tax increment financing (TIF) reform, improved public safety, and enhanced state tax credits for “designated [...]

Vt. Principals Ask Lawmakers To Make School Safety A Top Priority

By Kirk Carapezza The House Education Committee is taking up the issue of school safety more than a month after the schoolhouse shootings in Newtown, Conn. Across the state, educators are walking a sort of tightrope as they hope to strike a balance between school safety and creating a warm, welcoming environment for their students. [...]

Vt. Lawmakers Consider Effects Of Climate Change and Renewable Energy

By Kirk Carapezza This week at the Statehouse, several committees of the Legislature will take a look at climate change and renewable energy. A joint meeting of the House Natural Resources and Energy, Agriculture and Commerce committees will hear testimony Wednesday morning on climate change and how it affects businesses in Vermont. “The goal is [...]

Sanders Says Vt. Wind Moratorium Would Send ‘Terrible’ Message To Nation

By Kirk Carapezza Sen. Bernie Sanders announced Monday his opposition to a proposed moratorium on ridgeline wind power projects in Vermont, saying it would send the wrong message to people across the country who are trying to fight climate change. Sanders had told those who oppose ridgeline wind development that he would not get involved. [...]

McKibben To Address Legislature On Climate Change

By Kirk Carapezza Speaker of the House Shap Smith announced Friday that he has invited environmental activist Bill McKibben to speak to the legislature about climate change and how it relates to Vermont. McKibben has been supporting a campaign to get resolutions on town meeting day ballots that would oppose the shipment of tar-sands oil [...]