Montpelier on Ice Jam Watch

By Amy Noyes

With rain in the forecast through Thursday night, the City of Montpelier is warning residents of possible river ice jams.

“Currently there is no jam and no threat of flooding,” Montpelier posted on the City website today. “However, the city continues to monitor the river and weather forecasts and will continue to provide updates and information if any situation develops.”

While Montpelier is not opening its Emergency Operation Center at this time, it did warn residents to be prepared for possible flooding and listed the following tips:

  • Monitor weather forecasts and updates from the city of Montpelier for changes in weather or river conditions, and pay heed to flood watches and warnings
  • Furnaces, oil tanks, gas tanks, etc., should be checked to assure that they are properly secured.
  • Basements and low areas of buildings should be cleared of any valuable inventory, goods or records.
  • Ensure your emergency readiness kits are stocked with essential, unexpired supplies such as: water, batteries, and nonperishable food.

The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch for all of Vermont, New York, and northern Massachusetts through Friday morning.