The Canadians Are Coming!

Canadians are traveling to the U.S. in record numbers and as a border state, Vermont is one of the top beneficiaries – although perhaps not as much as you might think.

It turns out that like Americans, Canadians like to flock to Florida for the sunshine or head to Las Vegas for what stays in Vegas.

According to Statistics Canada, overnight travel to the U.S. has reached its highest level since they began keeping records in 1972.  In October, 2012 Canadians took 2.8 million overnight trips south of the border. Chalk it up to a strong Canadian dollar (which isn’t great news for Canadian retailers who would like those dollars to be spent there).

The most recent breakdown tracking which states Canadians visit is here.  It’s from 2010.  You’ll see Vermont ranks 10th on the list in terms of the number of Canadian visitors.  Those ranked higher seem there for obvious reasons – they’re either border states or popular tourist destinations, but I’m puzzled by Pennsylvania, which is 8th.

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