UPDATE: Castleton Split On Town Hall Vote

Castleton’s municipal office building on Main Street was built in the 1800s. (VPR/Nina Keck)

Voters in Castleton are divided on whether to build a new town office or restore the old one. That means the plan will go back to the Castleton Select Board.

Voters narrowly approved  a $750,000 bond, 871 to 801. But they voted down the second bond, 810 to 844, which allocated an additional $210,000 for the renovation project.

“It’s going to make life interesting for the select board.  At this time, there’s not sufficient dollars to move forward. In conversations that I have had with the architects they have been telling me that’s its impossible to do that building for a million dollars,” said Thomas Ettori, Chariman of the Castleton Select Board.

Ettori said even with a promised grant of $240,000 from the Alma Gibbs Donchian Foundation, the town won’t have enough money to complete the renovation.

Town officials and the police department had been using the 19th century red brick building in the village for years but were forced out last year because of mold and other safety concerns. Local residents voted down a $2 million proposal last march to build a new town hall and fire station outside of the village.  Tomas Ettori says the Select Board will meet next week to decide how to proceed.

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