Latest PublicPost Updates

Today, the latest minutes from Vermont towns like Barnet, Bethel, Guildhall, Manchester, Sunderland and Thetford were added to the PublicPost archive. You can view these minutes by clicking here and selecting your town. Here are a few highlights from the latest update:

  • Town officials in Barnet are reviewing the town’s ordinance for regulating All-Terrain Vehicles which was adopted two years ago. The ordinance requires town officials review town highways and dates on which ATV travel is permitted each year. Barnet’s Trailblazers ATV Club wants to use several portions of town highways in 2012, saying it’s increasingly necessary for riders to travel on public roads. The Board says it will review maps of these trails before making a decision at a meeting next week.
  • In Guildhall, the town’s Select board has made a motion to continue using the Caledonian Record and the Great Northwoods Journal for official municipal postings.
  • Similarly, in Thetford, the Select board voted to continue to use the Journal Opinion for the town’s municipal announcements and public notices. There have been a few public complaints over the paper’s low circulation. Ultimately, the low cost of using the paper was sited as a major factor.

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