Searching Public Post For Route 7 Select Board Items

Route 7 bisects the village in Shelburne.

We’re working on a story about suburban sprawl along Route 7 and Shelburne’s effort to stop it.

Cities and towns along Vermont’s Route 7 corridor have long fought unchecked commercial development and increased traffic. They’ve tried to maintain their community identity, their values — their sense of place.

In our research, we did a search for “Route 7” on VPR’s Public Post and it turned up an item in Bennington’s select board minutes that we’ll likely use in the piece:

5. SPEED WARRANT ANALYSIS / ROUTE 7 SOUTH: Ms. Evey had circulated a petition to lower the speed limit from 50 mphto 40 mph on Route 7 South from the Park Lawn Cemetery to the junction of Carpenter Hill Road, as well as, a petition to widen the shoulders on Route 7 South. The only action that the Select Board can take is to ask the State of Vermont to conduct a speed analysis to determine if the speed limit is now appropriate given the development that has occurred.Ms. Evey reviewed the letter that she had written to the Secretary of Transportation in Montpelier noting that traffic moves in excess of 50 mph through there and the increased vehicle and pedestrian traffic from the Apple Barn, motels and the One World Conservation Center (NETC). It would also be helpful to widen the shoulders in that area but Ms. Evey understands the budgetary issues that would present. Her main concern, at this point, is to lower the speed limit.The Education Center at the NETC may even qualify this area as a school zone.It was the consensus of the Board to send a Letter of Support to the State to lower the speed limit from 50 mph to 40 mph on Route 7 South from the ParkLawn Cemetery to the junction of Carpenter Hill Road.

Vermont Public Radio just introduced this new search feature. Anyone can search Vermont city and town government meeting minutes here.

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