An Update From The Ripton Town Clerk

“We have actually fared quite well though our main road, Vt Route 125 was damaged and closed to us in both directions beyond our village. We have an adequate detour out, which is wonderful, so we are doing much better than most.

I live right in the village, and I’m writing to report how I awoke early this morning to the sound of a very squeaky and slow moving excavator through the village, and then following all day have been truck after truck with rocks and gravel, and THEN at noon-ish, a long caravan of heavy duty water rescue trucks. My realization was that our little town is a means to an end. That Route 125 is one of the primary east-west routes and that the repairs on the road these past couple of days have now allowed rescue and reconstruction vehicles to pass through and get to the towns of Hancock, Granville and Rochester on the other side of our hill that have been isolated to date. So this is about feeling encouraged and excited that a path has been made to serve our neighbors. Route 125 is still closed to local/regular traffic, but I am so cheered that the troops have broken through, I felt like saluting!”

From Sally Hoyler
Town Of Ripton

One Response to An Update From The Ripton Town Clerk

  1. Kristin Lord says:

    So wonderful to hear from you! Thanks so much for this, Sally. I was initially astonished that the North Branch and Dugway have held up, but when I heard this on Monday, I felt incredible relief. From one of the absentee voters of Ripton

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